Let ScrollRoll Tell your brand’s story

ScrollRoll is a multi-dimensional and interactive digital advertising format, featuring images and video. It’s the only mobile ad format that audiences can control. What makes it different from other display units is its ability to tell a brand’s story the way it should be told in a mobile environment.

Using rich images and videos users will not only experience a brand, but engage with it as well. ScrollRoll fits seamlessly into a website with responsive design and encourages an organic connection.

Driven by powerful analytics providing useful metrics, ScrollRoll is an immersive experience that delivers.

Experience ScrollRoll for yourself

  • Use images and videos to tell a story

  • Responsive design that fits seamlessly into a website

  • User controlled experience

  • Multiple messages in one unit




Viewers interact with a ScrollRoll ad unit, allowing in-depth analytics and metrics on consumers’ behavior to be gathered with every swipe.



ScrollRoll garners a higher cpm than traditional ad units and attracts high-end brands that want visibility.


Optimized For Mobile

ScrollRoll compliments all mobile screens. With the ability to seamlessly appear on all platforms, it’s a truly responsive ad unit.

Our Clients

Verizon American Express

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